freelance logo created for "The Island Boys" play (Manhattan, NY) | original vector image made on Illustrator

sample front page designs for The Orion newspaper (Chico, CA) | laid out on InDesign

personal project of art installations at Coachella (Indio, CA) | original vector created with Illustrator

holiday party tickets for Whole Foods Market Stevens Creek (Cupertino, CA) | created using Photoshop, Illustrator, and InDesign

stickers created for Whole Foods Market agua fresca program (Roseville, CA) | created on Illustrator

kit (magnetic panels header) made for cake bunker for Whole Foods Market (Roseville, CA) top:62x8" bottom:42x19.5" | created on Illustrator

freelance coffee label logo for sticker (Sacramento, CA) 1.5" | made on Illustrator

various freelance gig posters (Sacramento, CA) | created with hand illustrations and laid out on Illustrator

dangle created for Northern California Regional Whole Foods Market (Emeryville, CA) 20" | images vectored in illustrator with texture overlay